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While we encourage you all to use this space to openly discuss thoughts, ask questions, and exchange information with both each other and the game team, all discussions must abide by the forum rules. These rules are in place to foster a healthy forum environment that is conducive to effective and constructive communication, and keeps it free of clutter and non-constructive posts that don’t contribute to any conversations.

The short version: be good to each other. If you're angry or upset about something, provide your feedback in a constructive and calm manner. If something is not working as intended, assume this is unintended and give us the chance to explain or fix it. We reserve the right to use our sole discretion in moderating these forums to keep them clean, on-topic and constructive. We want to encourage all types of feedback (both the good and the bad) but do not want our forums to become a swamp of negativity.

Listed below are the Main Forum Rules. Please note that these rules may be updated over time, and continued use of our forums indicates that you agree to abide by all updated rules, or rules added after.

1- We expect all users to treat each other with respect. Insults, personal attacks, harassment, inflammatory posting, or generally rude posts will not be tolerated in either the forums, or private messages. This also includes the use of inappropriate, vulgar, discriminatory or offensive language of any kind.

2- Off Topic, Spamming, Bumping, Petitions, Dog-piling or repeatedly posting the same post or topic is not okay. Neither is reposting a closed or deleted thread. If a thread is deleted, it is done so because it breaks a forum rule, so the moderator’s decision is final.

3-Don’t address threads directly to Mods or Kabam. This is a place for community discussion and not one-on-one support from Kabam. If you require more help, please contact the support team.

4- Don’t post anything that breaks the law or Kabam’s terms of service, or encourage others to do so.

5- Attempting to buy or sell an account, or linking to sites that offer these or any third party services that break our Terms of Service is prohibited.

6a- Make sure your posts are constructive. They need to add to the discussion and be made in the correct forum, or added to the correct thread. Redundant posts will either be moved, merged, closed, or deleted based upon our discretion. Complaints such as those about character releases or in-game deals without constructive discussion will be removed. 'I hate this character, why didn't you release X character instead' or 'this deal sucks' are two examples of what will not be allowed. We all have our favourite characters within the Marvel Universe, and we all have different opinions on what we feel is a good use of our money. 'I'd really like to see MCOC release X character', 'I wish we could get an in-game deal on XYZ' or 'I wish there was a $5 deal as well as a $10 deal' are examples of conversation that WOULD be welcome.

6b- "Rants" are not allowed in the forums. Rants do not address any topic in particular, and are not conducive to constructive conversation. Ranting makes it much more difficult for the team to address concerns, and delays responses to not just that post, but all other posts as well. They also result in far less actionable feedback that can be taken to the team. Rants tend to become catch-alls for complaints, and only incite anger/frustration.

7- You are entitled to one Forum account. Making multiple accounts will result in the banning of all Forum accounts. This includes extra accounts made after being banned, or accounts made to inflate agreeing opinions.

8- Promoting the abuse of payment, rating, refund or other systems is prohibited.

9- Do not share or publicly post personal information with others. This includes your in-game or forum account passwords, your physical address, your real name, or e-mail address. This is for your own safety, as well as for the safety of your accounts. We will also not allow the posting of this information of other players.

10- Do not impersonate moderators, or pretend to be a representative of the game. Additionally, only report a post if it truly breaks one of the rules, but do not make posts to invoke a moderator response or incite more rule breaking.

11- Spreading conspiracy theories, false information, and rumors is not permitted. These just clog up the forums, incite anger or fear, and don’t help anybody.

12- You may not publicly discuss any actions taken on your in game or forum accounts by moderators or the support team. This includes banning, closing of threads, infractions, temporary bans, etc. This also includes the public posting of any private correspondence with the Moderators, or support team.

13- Respect the decisions of the Moderation team. The Moderation team’s decisions are “the last word”. Arguing with moderators about their decisions will not change the outcome of the decision. When you use our spaces, you are required to abide by our rules - even if you disagree with them.

14. Calling out other players or Alliances is not allowed. This includes accusations of cheating or poor behaviour. If you are having problems with another player or suspect someone of cheating, please report this to customer service or a moderator privately.

15. Remember the main intention of our forums: to fascilitate conversation between not just our players and developer team, but between fellow players. We will not be able to acknowledge or respond to every forum thread, but that doesn't mean we aren't reading them.

16. Our Community Team and Moderators receive a substantial number of private messages each day. We are not able to reply to all of these, and all urgent or account specific matters should be directed towards our customer support team which is 24/7. General game questions should be posted in the forums - odds are your fellow players will be able to answer any of these questions, and in a much quicker fashion.

17. Do not accuse fellow players of being 'Kabam Employees' or shills. We have a strict ZERO sock puppets policy as a company, meaning no employee is to be communicating with our players without clearly indicating they are a member of staff. As a result, accusations such as this towards players with opposing opinions will not be tolerated.

18. Shaming other players for their in-game decisions or lack of experience within The Contest will not be tolerated. We all start as Noobs, and we may not all agree on best strategies within the game. Constructive debate on these topics is encouraged, but keep it friendly and factual. You're entitled to your opinions as long as they are not insulting, but the fact that you disagree with someone on subjective topics such as strategy or in-game purchases does not mean the other person is wrong.

19. User names with inappropriate words or phrases will be manually changed to something different by our moderator team.

20. Do not ask other players to gift you items. This does not lend to a healthy forum environment, and acts to irritate other players. It is also not a piece that stimulates constructive conversation.

There you have it! Have fun, keep it clean!

If you see a post that you feel violates our forum rules, please use our report feature instead of sending a moderator a private message. The reporting function of these forums is much more functional, and your use of this will help to ensure we can keep our forums clean!

If you fail to follow these rules, you may receive a warning, temporary ban or permanent ban depending on the severity of the infraction. This is left up to the discretion of our moderatåion team. In truly egregious instances, violating our forum rules may also result in the suspension of your in-game account.

Kabam excludes all liability for: (a) any action taken in response to breaches of these Rules of Conduct. The responses described in the Rules of Conduct are not exhaustive, and Kabam may take any other action, in its sole discretion, it deems appropriate; (b) any loss or damage arising from the use of the forum by you; (c) any content posted or uploaded by users of the forum which shall include, without limitation, any liability for offensive and/or defamatory posts.
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