Character Re-Vamp Suggestions - The Science Is Not Settled

This is the first time I've posted a suggestion but I have a couple good ideas for some science champs that I love but can never use.

Spider Gwen

Joe Fix It


Luke Cage


Problem: The primary issue I have is her lack of dealing damage with an L1 along with the fact that her L1 is the only way she triggers evade.

Suggestions: If her L1 dealt damage we may not be having this conversation. Other evade mechanics could be employed. She could have evade similar to Miles or trigger evade buffs when power bars were filled, or evade triggered on all specials. You guys figured out how to make NC evade pretty well. can SpideyGwen get some love?


Problem: He was made playable again after the WP nerf, but his regen is a joke, and he has cool abilities but I think one could be reworked to make him more useful.

Solution: Boost his regen to roughly match Cable's regen amount. Make his "Spades" ability decrease opponents offensive ability a % when he places weakness / fatiuge.

AntMan (by far one of my all time favorite charachters)

Problem: Only thing I can come up with is his Poison, you stack 5 fatigues. . . and time it perfectly for an L2, they all get converted to poison. . . and now it's a total of 200 damage points per second? WWII just L2s and you get a bleed of 450. So more skill. . or at least more work, is rewarded with less damage.

Solution: Give the L2 a fixed amount of poison damage, something like 180 (from a 5/50 level). Then let any fatigues be converted to extra poison on top of that. Lots of times I stack 5-6 fatigues, but 4 of them are expired by the time my L2 is ready.

Luke Cage

Problem: Mr. Indestructible is only useful a for a few seconds after being hit in the beginning of a fight. Talk about performance issues! He also is super weak. . . isn't "super strength" one of his abilities in the comics? By now i'm sure you know his unofficial name is "pillow hands" among the MCOC faithful.

Solution: First....just give the guy some extra attack. If you you take my 2nd recommendation a small adjustment in attack will go a long way.

New Signature ability "Sweet Christmas" or "Lets get Coffee"; The First time LC is struck he becomes indestructible and ignores all incoming damage for x seconds. Additionally when a power bar is filled there is a xx% chance of LC becoming indestructible for the same amount of time. (x and XX both increase with sig level)

These are my suggestions, and based on what other champs abilities and triggers are I don't see any of these adjustments making these 4 OP. Especially compared to some champs that have been recently introduced and or reworked into OP monsters.

Jman of AOG. . . signing off.

Let me know if you want help beta testing ;-)
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