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Who is the best 4 star

Batpotter1Batpotter1 Posts: 348
edited March 2018 in General Discussion
None are Duped

Who is the best 4 star 61 votes

Stark Spider-Man
thetaman23Renegade_DoggyAjavedSpity68vg2782TrektbuffajrDanicb94adqqedfyvrVision_41HeroBoltsySpeedbumpVladislas22Sac123_BUZZdog3000Alpha07MasterFlintDmack976637HeadrollerSKK65 54 votes
Thor Ragnarok
Av3to_XFA_Rebooted 2 votes
My_SuperiorStevieManWonderChandu_bhai 3 votes
Two of them (please put comment)
SnakeEyes69Next2Hell 2 votes


  • TurbulentUrFaceTurbulentUrFace Posts: 311
    Stark Spider-Man
    Thor and Crossbones are both good but don't compare to Spark, even unduped. if you have Spark as a 4* definitely upgrade him
  • shchong2shchong2 Posts: 2,419 ★★★★
    Stark Spider-Man
    Starky is the best in your list, and probably the best in tech class at the moment slightly ahead of SL.
    However, in case you are urgently needing a champ that can handle defensive accuracy reduction (say if you don't have GP awakened, AA, Elektra, BW high sig, etc), then you would have to consider Crossbone using his fury stacks to deal with your defensive accuracy needs
    I have all the 3 champs you listed above as 4* as well.

    I had my 4* xbone (dupped) for ages, currently at R4/40. I used some of my skils t4cc to R5 for GP, saving the rest waiting for Blade.
    I had my 4* starky (dupped) from previous arena grinding, currently at R4/40, but I'm having bad luck with getting enough tech t4cc, ran out after I used it to R5 my ultron long time ago
    I had my 4* Thor coconut (undupped) from recent arena grinding, currently at R3/30 for arena usage at the moment. He needs to be dupped, so he'll stay in R3 for awhile
  • Batpotter1Batpotter1 Posts: 348
    Is it good that he was my first premium
  • vinniegainzvinniegainz Posts: 895 ★★★
    Stark Spider-Man
    Crossbones might be the best at Ability Accuracy reduction. Stark does what? Damage? Everybody can do damage.

    Nope spark does highest dps in the game sub 100 hits, evades specials, lowers attack (a good spark player keeps taunt up constantly), power controls with his power drain and taunt (even bypasses all or nothing nodes) and if you really need ability reduction, does so with his sp3. Still not good enough?
  • Icecold2099Icecold2099 Posts: 577 ★★★
    Stark Spider-Man
    Why do you even have Thor Ragnarok in the poll?

    He's weak without being duped and having synergy. That alone removes him from consideration of being one of the best...
  • Batpotter1Batpotter1 Posts: 348
    Because I only have three 4 stars so I mentioned them all
  • Batpotter1Batpotter1 Posts: 348
    Still only have 3 @Icecold2099
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