I found a bug with the Lab. I reset the final node in expert’s buffs twice. The lost. So I went to the store to see if I could find any revives, opened a few crystals. Nothing. So nothing out of the usual. Had to spend money of course. So I used 5 dollars, went back to the fight, started the fight and noticed something different. After losing I go check to see what happened and guess what? THE BUFFS REVERTED BACK TO THEIR ORIGINAL SET. So not only did I waste units and randomizers, I had to waste MORE randomizers so I could get something to work with.


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    Same thing happened to me 2x!

    Once when I went to buy dice and once the game crashed. In the latter - my fight recovered but the nodes re-randomized to a new set and the opponent was at full health instead of about half where I had him from the previous fight.

    I cleared both but it’s an annoying bug.

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