Topics Kabam Should Address

things that should be addressed

1) auto fight should have a disable button to turn on/off. Nothing is worse than doing the labyrinth or uncollected EQ and accidentally hitting the auto fight button and dying because auto fight has next to no skills.
2) t3 class cats do not guarantee a full catalyst on quest exploration, you get 22% of one t3c with no guarantee for more shards after finishing additional completions
3) catalyst class (and basic) quests ambush shard drops sould be increased. 10 shards per ambush among all 3 difficulties is not a fair percentage
4) t3 basic catalyst quest ambush gives one third of one percent (.357%) shards.
5) t2 basic cat ambush shards make 1.5% of the catalyst
6) t1 basic cat ambush gives 3.3% (this ambush percentage is acutally okay considering you get a full cat from completion and explore)
7) -
8) why are we not allowed to sell stuff directly from our stash
9) war victory crystals suck, getting 3* boosts, as well as most other "prizes" from this crystal
10) are quest crystals ever going to be updated with better prizes
11) why would uncollected players buy a 3* crystal for 400 units when we can get a grandmaster crystal for 300 and have a “chance” at a 4* and 5* hero. you're 3* prices are way off
12) Angela doesn't cause bleed, her main weapon is a sword
13) psylocke doesn't cause bleed with a sword
14) psylocke and Angela block the same way blade does, but punching their sword doesn’t cause bleed.
15) moon knight can't stack bleed
16) nightcrawler has a hidden fury cap of 3
17) give Spider-Gwen an L1 that does damage. symbiote Spider-Man L1 evade is triggered the same way and his actually does decent damage.
18) Old Man Logan is not good. 10% chance to go into Berserk and get some extra strength. he would be a lot more useful if it was triggered by holding block like hood's invisibility or nightcrawler mode shift
19) Thor and Jane foster heavy attacks are very close range. I've missed heavies standing right next to my opponent
20) x23 has bleed cap of 5 and regular wolverine's isn't limited. how is that fair to x23
21) wolverine and x23 can't armor break or armor pierce with the strongest metal in the marvel universe, but medusa can armor break with her hair
22) drax L2 rarely stacks bleed, just refreshes the bleed. Another hidden nerf?
23) BW should have shock damage through basic attacks or at least specials; she wears shock gloves
24) captain marvel and ms Marvel's L2 misses opponents more than they connect. give them a new animation or finally fix their misses. labyrinth exploits are fixed within a week but the marvel girls L2 can’t be fixed and it’s been months, probably over a year
25) Karnak L1 leaves him wide open for an attack before he even finishes his special
26) Karnak L1 does not negate symbiote Spider-Man evade
27) BPCW has vibranium armor, how can he be bled by common champs?
28) Loki cannot steal the precision buffs from dexterity
29) iron man suit doesn't protect any sort of incoming bleed?
30) electro uses lightning specials but can't cause shock damage?
31) Electro receives shock damage. Why?
32) ghost rider isn't incinerate immune
33) dormammu isn't incinerate immune
34) limiting Gamora godslayer strike to once per fight is a huge nerf, at least it's not a hidden nerf anymore. limiting gamoras sig to once per fight makes her not a good choice for long fights when storm/SW can crit huge specials all day
35) hawkey hemorrhage, see Gamora above. why not reduce the time duration by half and double his hemorrhage damage. maybe then his weak bleed can overcome willpower
36) OG vision and vision AOU description says he has super strength and intangibility. he is pretty weak, maybe a fury buff to match his "super strength" description. intangibility is not related to the playable character in any way, no evade or "miss" ability at all. The only time he phases is during his L3 animation
37) labyrinth of legends vision does damage with his specials while I block. that shouldn’t happen since he should only do damage based on stolen power
38) visions and Ultron are made from vibranium but can be incinerated? GwenPool’s gun must be pretty powerful is she can burn the strongest metal in the marvel universe
39) archangel blocks with giant metal wings, he should have a better block proficiency especially since his poison mainly comes from blocking while opponents are bleeding
40) Guillotine takes the souls of robots?
41) -
42) Iceman can be cold snapped by iceman
43) Groot and king groot should take extra incinerate damage or more damage while under incinerate
44) cyclops sig is very limited, only when above a streak of 15 and only beneficial when his specials crit. he's in need of an updated and beneficial sig!
45) star lord block proficiency from his sig doesn't make much sense, it doesn't benefit any decent player in any way. who wants to let the opponent build their streak just to add block proficiency to SL?
46) Deadpool xforce has no sort of healing factor?
47) Deadpool X sig says “all attacks” bleed opponents. That statement is a lie, he bleeds every other hit.
48) symbiotes have an immunity to (don’t trigger) spider sense when fighting Spider-Man, this isn’t represented in the game (venom, carnage, etc.)
49) drax’s heavy does not remove modok’s shield in act 5.4.4- great job screwing people for that fight unless they can do 166k worth of block damage. is drax the only victom or is every character with a "one hit heavy" not working as well?


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