Mister Sinister and Emma Frost Speculation

I’m riding on the assumption that after the infinity war event that these two characters will be added given that they are the only ones with character models on the loading screen. Here are my thoughts on their abilities based on comics.

Mister Sinster given that he is a genetic scientist and has many clones of himself that he genetically perfects. I think a persistent charge system would fit him well get that he perfects his genome over time giving him regen, indestructible at the start of the fight for each charge, and an increase of attack. An ability like iso corruption that would reduce attack, power, and health gains throughout the fight off his heavy. He should have an expieremental toxin off his specials. So overal a sustainable champ and ok on the damage side of things.

Emma Frost should have two modes like nightcrawler: her diamond state and normal state. Since while in her diamond form she can’t use her mind powers her damage would go down, but she would be more durable and immune to bleed and poison. Now while in her normal form she would do considerable more damage but be more of a glass canon. Her telepathic powers could include concussions, agility debuffs, and maybe some direct energy damage. If she had a mechanic like magiks limbo but it would be better because you could just switch her into her diamond form to negate the limbo damage.(she wouldn’t have the health rewind though). Maybe even a power control ability.
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