Black Panther Idea

(This might have some stuff that happened in movie so that s a warning if you haven’t seen it) :)

Black panther in his new purple suit, this shouldn’t just be a skin, it should be a different character!

He should be worse on defense then before but still good, and he should be great at attacking!

Awakened ability

Wakanda forever

When struck with new suit, it deals massive damage to opponent this resets every minute,

Passive: Every hit he does has a x% to do a bleed

Sp1, slashed opponent then jumps and lands on them, doing bleed

SP2 slashed opponent 2 times jumps up,and does scissor kick, doing bleed stun and armor break

Sp3 his friend brings a horn and blows it and a rhino goes crashing in the opponent, stun heal block and concussion

Thank you and tell me what you think!



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