Global Chat Moderators

I know this is hard to implement, especially with people not using the chat features very much. But it seems to me like all the global chats require moderators.

Why do I think this?
  • Too many hackers and clandestine deals.
  • Potential crimes (I kid you not).
  • Aggression among players.
  • Bots.

And to make things worse, the current chat censors things that shouldn't. It would probably be easier to turn down the censorship a bit in favor of a human mod.
It's frustrating to see how you are so active in the forums, but nothing is done in the global chat where the origin of most of your problems come from (mostly 3rd party software and hackers).

If you cannot guarantee some kind of safety in the chats (against theft and sex crimes). Then you should shut down this feature completely (just global chat). I can report a user and block him. But that doesn't make him go away for the rest of the players that may fall in their traps.

Do the right thing.
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