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Heavy attack sometimes not working well

Happened to me several times with Archangel. When I press heavy and release it, he stays in heavy position and can't move, at that point of course parry expire and opponent beat me to death. A friend told me that he had the same experience with Guillotine as I remember. Might be the problem with spinning heavy attack.


  • ChrisS1506ChrisS1506 Posts: 52
    This happens regularly. I avoid using heavy attacks. Should I have to? Absolutely not. Is this another ongoing problem like evade, block and parry? Sure is! Will Kabam fix it anytime soon? In my opinion?Nope. Not as long as people spend money on their broken game. I won't bail on my alliance, but come the end of this War season I'm done. I stopped spending weeks ago.
  • despot1despot1 Posts: 20
    It even became worse recently with more champions, after the update. Even Hyperion does not want to do heavy sometimes, so normally he gets kicked out without a fight.
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