Trading Champions Feature Request

One feature I think would be cool is if there was a limited amount of events every year to trade champions. The availability of these would be super limited, like a rank down ticket, so that three times, or maybe twice a year, Summoners would be given or could complete a quest to obtain a single trading ticket. With this they could trade one, or as many champions as they wanted with another summoner. It could also be limited to max 3 champs or something similar, but the idea would be to allow a trade that could be multiple champions for a single champion from someone else if it were a really sought after champ.

I understand the entire way Kabam profits from this game is the continued push to have to open crystals, and the randomness around what champions you'll receive and that a trading component would have a negative impact on that, BUT in super limited capacities, allowing Summoners to trade should overall have a positive impact on people's drive to continue to play. Having a little bit of control over what champions you can get, even if it were waiting for that bi annual event to trade for your most sought after champ, would be a great addition to the game.

The idea is not to blow the doors open on trading, but just siphon it to its most controlled state. The past New Years Lunar Event would be a great contender to add this. If you completed the entire calendar, you would be given a Special "Champion Trading Red Envelope" or something similar.


  • DshuDshu Posts: 1,307 ★★★★
    If that ability was ever added to the game guys would either create alts to complete in the lower arenas or take advantage of new players. There are already enough guys trying to scam noobs out of their accounts this would just give them an in game approved way to screw over noobs
  • GrimmbearGrimmbear Posts: 639 ★★★
    *Creates multiple newb accs for better chance at multiple god tier 5* and 6* * Trades to main acc for Spider gwen*
    See where this is going? Trades are a terrible idea that dont belong in this game. Same goes for RDTs. Biggest mistake Kabam ever made.
  • @Grimmbear @Dshu Ah those are def good points. I didn't even think of people creating secondary accounts out the frame to try and rob people of their good characters unknowingly. Hmm...I feel like it would be such a fun component to the game, but yeah it would just be abused by tons of people and ruin it. Well toss that idea out haha
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