Alliance needed

aq 5*5
gold 1/2
current prestige 5100
line id rrd1994


  • ThewritingwoolfThewritingwoolf Posts: 41
    Hey there! Adding you now, thewritingwoolf.
  • AchillezzAchillezz Posts: 1
    edited March 2018
    Hi need good allaince...lookin to grow and be a long term member rating 125275
    Line id Achilles
  • Gblake1965Gblake1965 Posts: 22
    @Achillezz , Tried your Line ID and no users found. If interested please add my gblake65 or check out Razor1906
  • Kapsdan1Kapsdan1 Posts: 51
    Hiya we are looking for a active player. 9mil relaxed but active ally map45444 gold2 war. Line app must have. No event mins just no zeros
  • DDub475DDub475 Posts: 10
    Add me on LINE or in game
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