ISO 5800+ Prestige Player - Map 6 Weekly T4CC


Alliance: No X-cuses
Tag: ÑøX

We are still a fairly new alliance climbing our way through the AW tiers, currently gold 3, and have already made our way into top 200 AQ and pushing for TOP 100 after some solid prestige advancements were made, and always continuing to do so. We do try to avoid map 6 on weekends when possible and will run it on Sunday's if need be.

We push in all events (except duels), although only 3 Day Completion has a set minimum. Arena events we hit T1A and sometimes go for all milestones, but not required.
We like prestige, but prefer to see smart rank up choices that will advance you through all in-game content. We are highly organized through use of Line app and spreadsheets.

What we are looking for:
-Very active and readily available for AQ/AW
-Good use of Line App for communication
-5800+ Prestige (continues to increase)
-Skilled enough to handle your own paths in AQ/AW
-Enough arena time being done to cover map 6 donations

There are No X-cuses for failure

If you are interested, have questions, and think you will be of a good fit in ÑøX than join our recruit chat by clicking the Line Link to chat with me or other officers:


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