How should Kabam adjust AW match making

I didn’t realize match making in AW was a huge problem. It may be an indication of some other issues in the game.

What can they do to fix it


  • There will be a lot of answers here saying to base it off some combination of the following:
    1. Overall PI
    2. Prestige
    3. War Rating

    I really do disagree with everyone saying #1 and #2. #1 can be manipulated by selling champs. It would be a sad state of affairs when alliances are encouraging others to sell their champs to remain in the alliance. #2 would bring more of the same problems already seen for AQ. Most top alliances will kick you if you don't rank for prestige/lack in prestige. Hell, I used to be in an alliance barely in expert tier and people were evaluated on prestige, because its what holds you back in AQ.

    War is really one of the things you can base purely off war rating and have a fair result. Everyone sits here and yells they want war based on skill, yet when they are rewarded for their skill, and face a more skilled alliance, they cry and whine and just want the easy wins. I have seen really skilled alliances with a lower rating jump up in tiers and face some larger (and crappy) alliances.

    If any sort of war matchmaking involved even a tiny bit of 1 or 2, alliances will be looking to manipulate it for the best possible matchup. Alliance war seasons are/will fixing the war rating problem. Before, once you got a high enough war rating, it was extremely easy to manipulate the system if you were willing to sacrifice a war. Now, there a dire consequences to seasons for missing a war.
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    Hmm.. how about actually matching allis together when they search? When we search for 2 hours without a match there is a problem. We do not gain any points because of a faulty matchmaking system. I would rather fight a 3500 rated alli than not find a match cause We can still get points to contribute to seasons.
    When brackets are so close together, missing one war outside of your control just feels hopeless. Its not on us, it’s on the system. When we see them favoring a certain alli but not doing the same for us, it is discouraging to the integrity of the game.
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    While I can see how Alliances could manipulate the prestige in order to be matched against weaker Alliances. It still plays a huge factor on the outcome of the war. I’ve said this countless times. An Alliance of 5million doesn’t stand a chance against one of 9million. IDC how skilled you are or what super badass characters you have. Your not going to win. AW is based on the performance of the whole alliance. And let’s face it. Not everyone in your Alliance is going to be skilled. So as good as you may be. Another may not be so skilled. But regardless, when facing an opponent whose members consist of nothing but LV60s and 5* duped champs at 4/55, there is NO WAY in hell your winning. Some even have 6* champs. Answer me how is that fair? And don’t give me that BS about that it is because of War Rating. Bulleffings**t. It is not whatsoever a fair or even matchup. That is a one sided slaughterhouse.
    Now, it’s true that Alliances can manipulate their Prestige by having members sell off their weaker champs. But who would do that. And if they do. Have something like a Prestige lock on each player. Obviously players are only getting stronger and stronger and there isn’t really a way a player can get weaker in the game. Even if they sell off their weaker champs, it doesn’t make their other champs weaker. Just makes their prestige go down. So why not have a lock on that players overall prestige before he sold off some of his champs. That way, it wouldn’t matter how many he sells. His overall Prestige doesn’t drop. Cuz at one point, you had that prestige. Then base the Alliance Prestige of off the members overall prestige. That way it can’t be manipulated. For example. Let’s say I have a prestige of 250K. The I decide to sell all my 1-2* champs. My prestige drops down to 190k. Regardless of how much I sell. My original and overall Prestige is 250k. And as I keep getting more 4-5* champs and leveling them up. Both my prestige’s grow. My original and my current. Yet, when I start selling champs again. Only my current prestige drops. But my overall never does.
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    The prestige is based on the top 5 champs in a players roster, alliance Rating is the power index of the entire roster.

    If they based match ups on the top 12 players in a players roster I think we’d see fairer matchups.
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    Sorry. That’s what I meant. Their rating. Not prestige. My bad, I play the game in Spanish so the terminology is way different. Like in Spanish, Rating is called “Potencia” which in English actually means “Potency”. And Rating in Spanish is “Clasificación” which is Classification in English. Idk who helped Kabam translate the game but they did an awful job.
    Anywho, back to the topic at hand. I meant to write “rating” instead of “prestige”. Thanks for helping me correct that.
  • Blax4everBlax4ever Posts: 683 ★★★
    OK no problem, I think most of us are here to help improve the game, so anytime we can all agree on something it can only help
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