Boss Rush - Quick Walkthrough

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I ran this today minutes after it went live. I'm not a super duper great player, but I don't completely suck. I'll toss up my team and fight break down:

X23 r3 5*, unduped
Ghost Rider, r5 4*, duped
Red Hulk, r5 4*, duped
Star Lord, r4 5*, duped
Hyperion, r4 5*, unduped

Sparky: Easy Fight. Hypy slapped him silly, nothing fancy. Also class advantage. Only reason he hit me at all was because I dashed forward prematurely after evading his SP1, and whiffed, allowing him to hit me. Bait SP1, never worry about unblockable SP2.

Rocket: Easy Fight with proper champ or very aggressive play. Rocket has the shield that only can be hit with specials, the boost to your atk but constant degen, and life transfer. That means, you have to do everything with specials, and you have to do it fast! Hypy is the obvious choice, plus class advantage. Since I started with some damage from the previous fight, and flubbed my first SP1 by being greedy and letting him block, I was down to 2% when the next SP1 went off. Immediately refills back to 100%, Rocket went down from ticks before I could use SP1 again.

Mephisto: Easy Fight with duped Rhulk. Villainy node, but Rhulk is a villain, so full power gains. Duped makes him ignore incinerate with enough stacks. Class advantage, builds stacks quickly. Only reason I took ANY damage was game loves to hiccup mid evade or mid combo->special, allowing them to block and then counter. This happened once during this fight, but was at 10 stacks, so physical resistance shrugged it off mostly.

Antman: Easy Fight with a proper champ. Antman has immunity, AND the same shield Rocket has, only allowing damage from specials. That is on top of his usual Antman glancing ****. First attempt, I started with Starlord, figuring I would just build my combo meter and hope to bypass glancing with his SP2. This did decent enough the first two, while they were both glanced, it is still a fair amount of damage, and I had him down to about 60% when the game hiccupped and he destroyed me.

I then tried X23, which was dumb, because she didn't have the tool to really do anything other than weak specials that would probably get glanced. Got him down to maybe 50%?

I then went to Hypy. and proceeded to spam SP1. Now, while he has immunity, so no incinerate stacks, the laser beam is still MANY attacks. Many went through his glancing for ~4k with each SP1, and Hypy can spam SP1 quickly, even unduped. Finished him easily. Just bait Antman's SP1 and ignore his unblockable SP2.

Venom: Probably will be a tough fight unless you bring a good regen champ, due to Starburst. As it was, I foolishly lost X23 already, so I tried my Ghost Rider. Due to Venom being stun immune, getting your heavy off to trigger your regen was risky, but vital. I tried to time it immediately after his heavy, and got it off the first time, went through the full SP3 with the 6 curses up, so gave me a good long window to beat on him with the regen to counter Starburst. However, I couldn't quite get it a second time when Venom was down to roughly 20% left. Finished him off with Hypy.

Iceman: Iceman has safeguard, but honestly, he has over 120k life, so that means unless you are hitting over 1200 on your hits, safeguard doesn't matter. His cold snap from the sig hurt, sure, but it isn't as bad as Ice Phoenix from first Modok Uncollected. As I only had Hypy and Rhulk up at this point, I topped both off with a bunch of t1/2 potions, used a 10% boost, and started with Hypy.

Fight was actually pretty simple and standard fight against Iceman, until the game hiccupped yet again and messed my timing up evading his umpteenth SP1, getting caught with the tail end. Happened at about 50% mark. Went to Rhulk, similarly went easy enough. Thanks to the cold snap damage, I was quickly at max heat stacks, so that bonus 180% damage bypasses safeguard. Got him to about 20% when it hiccupped a final time.

Used a single 20% revive on Hypy, plus some t2 potions to top him off, finished Iceman off.

Total resources used:
1 10% Boost
1 20% Revive
25 t1 Potions
24 t2 Potions

So there you go. Hopefully this can help people plan on who to take from their respective rosters.
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