Captain Marvels Special 2 has been broken for almost a year

I’m one of the unfortunate players who took my 5* CM to R4. It’s safe to say I can’t use her in AW, AQ and in any quest where the defenders AI is heightened because her Special 2 is always blocked.

I asked about this like 4 months ago, was told a fix was on the way.

Again, I think like two months ago, same response. Then I noticed another thread where there were other players asking about the same issue, still no resolve.

Is it possible for any of us who took this character to R3+ in 5* or R4+ in 4*, to give us a rewind ticket so that we can actually use those resources on another player?

If you don’t think this is a valid resolution, can you explain why it’s not? Especially since it’s been almost a year that she’s been broken.


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