Do u like the announced changes in AQ?

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For those who did not see, there s a fixed thread announcing that next month the miniboss of AQ will be swapped and symbiodes will be swapped for Sentinels

But.. Even with these annoying double immune sentinels, the rewards will stay the same as they "are working to launch next season"

My point is, if rewards will stay the same, why change now?

Give ur thoughts

Do u like the announced changes in AQ? 42 votes

Yes, i cant stand symbiods no more!
CoatHang3rvd016DarkestDestroyerAndrewKarinshiZuko_ILCMaldroit1Cats73JacksullPsychoPaul 10 votes
No, wtf harder content and same rewards?
Crine60NevvBOmniSnakeEyes69tutyimutyiGbSarkarHarcourtmazeThemis_xwsthsHeartlessDukeNDK13Player1994XHans_GruberXStewmanMightylibraMasterTroller42nebSpiritOfVengeanceCodornasBaseballguy711 32 votes


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    Yes, i cant stand symbiods no more!
    Much needed change!

    Just a shame it didn’t come with a new seasons format and buffed rewards.

    But I am fine with it for now, I only made a post the other day about AQ being so boring and stale.
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    already a thread for this
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    Hi all!

    Please use the official thread for feedback about the updates to Alliance Quests. Thanks!
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