MCOC doesn’t seem to be working on any of my devices but all other wifi related apps are working.

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  • Hi there @God1053, I'm sorry to hear you're having trouble logging on to the game and connecting to the network. To help our team out could you please let us know the information below:

    - Device make and model:
    - Operating System Version:
    - Game version installed:
    - Specific location the issue is occurring:
    - WiFi or Data (if Data only, Carrier as well):
    - Using a VPN (if so, are you able to connect without the VPN):
    - Troubleshooting Steps Taken to attempt to resolve the issue/results:

    We also have some troubleshooting steps, which may help you sort out this issue:

    - Try turning airplane mode on and then off.
    - Close out of the app, reboot device, try logging in again.
    - On iOS, close the app completely, log out of Game Center, open the app again and log-in directly to your Kabam account.
    - Uninstall the game then reinstall.

    Our QA Team does review the forums as well as bug reports submitted directly to our Support Team if you'd like to contact them instead. Thanks in advance for providing as much detail as possible! This will be a big help to our team to determine the cause, as well as a possible resolution.
  • God1053God1053 Posts: 2
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    Ipad air1
    At my house (uae, Sharjah)
    No VPN
    Reloading app, restarting phone and restarting wifi modem
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    hey we are all having the same issue.. Zibiit said that its not on their end ... but its the same problem at T-mobile. except that its not working on either wifi or cellular data and its mostly with apple products (iPhones and iPads)
    and its definitely related to Game Center because sometimes when you turn off the Game Center the game works nice for a short period of time.
    also if you delete the game and reinstall it every time you do AQ or AW it will work sometimes and sometimes it won't... im really upset and sad from @Kabam Zibiit 's reply on another thread that is describing the exact same problem. all he said that its not on their end and im 100% sure its kabam's fault.

    but nobody cares about us bro.. so either wait for a newer version and hope it is fixed or maybe the whole server will collapse and they will be forced to do something about it @God1053
  • I am having the same issue... tried everything suggested by Sophia and same thing
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    This began happening to me this morning.
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