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invulnerability boost on Luke

BDLHBDLH Posts: 148
What order are these triggered? Do you lose your invulnerability sig charge the first hit as well as 1 from the boost?

Or does Luke trigger his sig first, then you have 3 more buffers before his refreshes in 26 secs, making this combo incredibly powerful?


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    JaffacakedJaffacaked Posts: 1,415 ★★★★
    My guess is his Sig will trigger from the first hit even tho the boost is active. The boost just stops damage but will still count as a hit
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    BDLHBDLH Posts: 148
    edited March 2018
    meaning you think the first hit/hits wastes his sig AND the entire boost together? assuming like you miss an intercept and take a 3 hit combo, both his sig and all 3 charges of the boost are gone = boost did nothing since he was invulnerable anyways?

    since i don't feel like wasting an item just to test in a war, can a mod @Kabam Miike @Kabam Vydious confirm how these two interactions work together?

    if that's the case I would consider this a bug/suggestion type thread. An incredibly power boost can't just be rendered useless because it interacts improperly with a champ's ability. No two insurances from the champ and an external source should be consumed together by 1 mistake since that's what you are buying from the boost, the chance to have 1 mistake to try to 1 shot a boss.
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    Kabam ZibiitKabam Zibiit Posts: 7,033
    Hey there @BDLH, the invulnerability boost would activate on the first 3 hits taken, regardless of the damage those hits do. So the first time your awakened Luke Cage gets hit while the boost is active, it would use up one of the uses of the boost and activate his Signature Ability, and the next two hits would use up the other two uses of the boost. I will pass your suggestion along to the rest of the team though.
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    BDLHBDLH Posts: 148
    Thanks @Kabam Zibiit that's a broken mechanic to me since it basically ruins Luke's ability or a very valuable boost. They are both used up in 1 mistake which is the exact reason you buy the boost, to reduce deaths to win tie breakers since pretty much every war at the decent tiers ends up 100% both sides. The ability to 1 shot mini's and main bosses it what makes or breaks a war. That is also Luke's main strength is to be able to either make 1 mistake on a boss and not die or fight a MD boss and accidentally push them to sp3 since they won't bait. Having 1 mistake remove every insurance barrier defeats the purpose, being punished essentially 4X by removing his sig and all 3 boost charges. A charge OR his sig should not be used unless damage is actually taken which would make them exclusive of each other. If the sig is triggered first and no damage is done, the boost should not be consumed and vice versa. The boost is supposed to reduced a damaging blow to 0 dmg, hitting Luke while he's invulnerable does 0 dmg so the hit is not being reduced to 0 if it's already doing 0 damage.

    This is far from making Luke OP and game changing in which every team has 7+ blades per BG now at the high tiers, it just allows more ways of playing the game to make it more enjoyable. We can already 1 shot every MD boss with Blade using this boost since you just ignore power and push them to sp3 and he carves them up so fast. It's pretty boring doing the same strat every war - buffing Rulk and Luke were great additions but the same defenders they were intended to counter there's an army of R5 blades that counter even better now (with the boost). 24/30 of our Avatars are now Blade - I believe that was not the intent of the beta program. It was to encourage more variety in using more than just the 1 best method over and over. It's too late for me now since already R5'd Blade but if Rulk and Luke were a little closer to his power they could have been contenders and our entire alliance wouldn't basically have the same Avatar and strat to kill the boss.

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    taojay1taojay1 Posts: 1,062 ★★★
    Why would you use the boost on luke cage tho? his indestructible is a timer, not really charges, so you can take way more than 3 hits as long as the timer is still counting down. That being said, I do think his sig could be slightly changed so that it accommodates the boost. Currently it probably triggers the first time luke is hit by an attack, but they could make it so that it triggers the first time he is damaged by being struck, therefore allowing the boost charges to be used up before the sig triggers.
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    BDLHBDLH Posts: 148
    i would never use the boost on Luke in it's current state. I would never use Luke period since the boost matches 5/65 Blade way better since it interacts with Luke's sig in that fashion. I love the buffs they gave to Luke and Rulk and I actually enjoy both champs. Luke would be so versatile if he were able to use the boost and his sig and high alliances would actually consider ranking him instead of having 24 blades and 5 sparkies and 1 random lone wolf like our alliance is. Sure, no one makes high tier alliances rank almost all Blades and Sparkies but you kind of have to do what it takes to maintain your spot so buffing champs but not to the level of the safest clear method champs is almost like not buffing them. It's a hard sell to pick Luke over Blade or Sparky as your only R5 as the other two can much more safely attempt boss 1 shots to win tie breakers using the boost. I just don't feel it was intended to work out the way it does currently, no one actually thought about what happens if you use this boost on Luke and how it negates his sig - 99% chance it just turned out this way since no one brought up the discussion.

    A few people might have chosen Luke as their R5 boss 1 shotter if it worked the way suggested above. Would take him longer but add more creative ways of winning razor close tie breakers as higher tier wars are very often within 1% difference. Meph bosses pretty much suck now but some alliances still use him, Luke could potentially concussion his regen and aura triggers, and repeatedly push to sp3 ignoring power if the sig and boost worked separately. As it stands, everyone will just invulnerable boost Blade and 1 shot him, making it a lot less varied or creative. We won a recent war by 4 death count difference for attacker bonus - when it's that close you have to choose the single safest method, so of course we boosted Blade and 1 shotted the Dorm mini and main boss back to back like any other sound alliance would do.

    I could see Luke 1 shotting Dorm even better than Blade if the boost and sig were exclusive. More room for error if you ever miss an intercept and still have the cushion to eat an SP3. Trade some dmg for defensive insurance and not make the top 100 leaderboards 80% Blades. I know prestige is a huge part of why there are so many Blade avatars but the fact that the other Anti-MD/Villain killers just aren't on par with him makes it an easy sell for both prestige and effectiveness. His Danger Sense not negating Dorm's Degen trigger and Dorm being bleed immune would put Luke pretty close to tied with Blade as a Dorm boss 1 shotter if the boost worked separate from his sig. And yes I know plenty of people have 1 shotted Dorm or Meph without the boost, but when you're basically tied on death count vs another alliance, would be silly to not boost for the last couple bosses to seal the win. Even if they changed how the boost interacts with Luke's sig, he would still be far from OP and the vast majority of players would still rank Blade over him, but at least make him more of a contender.

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