Rank up 5* Hawkeye or Red Hulk?

Have a couple of expiring T2 Alpha so would like to rank up a 5*. Deciding between taking unduped Red Hulk or unduped Hawkeye to R4. Both would be used for questing and AW/AQ offense. Any suggestions are appreciated!


  • RedRoosterRedRooster Posts: 337 ★★
    That's a tough choice. If you are principally thinking AQ, then Red Hulk, particularly map 5. Destroys an unduped dorm while taking little damage. I used him also in the boss rush and he decimated Mephisto.

    Otherwise I have to go with Hawkeye, good power control and damage over time to boot. Hawkeye takes care of most Antmans anywhere in Act 5.
  • OzzziieOzzziie Posts: 35
    My r4 5* Hawkeye is still my goto over a r3 5* Blade. SP1 Power control and heavy bleed is just so easy to use.

    I don't Have Red Hulk, so I don't know how he works though.
  • Savio444Savio444 Posts: 1,766 ★★★★
    Red hulk
  • DingaloDingalo Posts: 353
    Hawkeye. Arguably the best L1 in the game (if the champ can bleed). A monster and has tremendous use ANYWHERE in the game (other than maybe AQ if there is bleed immune minibosses + that dormammu boss). But Story mode with all those annoying nodes, he kills it. AW, he kills it. Event quests, usually he can plow through almost any annoying nodes. So useful overall.
    Not putting down Rulk however. He is a beast and also worth ranking up. Personal preference also will play a factor here :)
    I have a 5* R4 Hawkeye and he's been MVP so many times.
  • SuperSam57SuperSam57 Posts: 317
    That's a tough one, but I just took Red Hulk to R3 to use in AQ map 5, I run the poison path. I'm very happy with him and would take him to R4 if I had the extra. He smashes through that path.
  • KenshioKenshio Posts: 162
    if you have any mephisto killer , then Hawkeye , bcz we have rh in 6* crystals too
    but if you dont have one , then RH
  • UC439UC439 Posts: 261
    Red hulk. Imo all the other power controllers are better than hawkeye. If u have got one power controller, red hulk is ur option.
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