Alliance War Season Rewards for Season 13 have now been distributed. Compensation for individual Wars will be sent later today (Nov 20). You can leave your alliance and still receive the individual Wars Compensation. We are also investigating an issue with Champions stuck in AQ. At the moment Days 1-4 of Honor Rewards have been paid out, Day 5 and full Rewards are still coming!

Pls give fair equal match making

How it is fair?


  • _Ajju_Ajju Posts: 3
    Yea Matchmaking sucks, our alliance losing from last 3 wars due to the same problem.
  • BornBorn Posts: 228 ★★
    Yea mate matchmaking has been a nightmare since they changed it to suit that 1 alliance. Doubt they will care if it affects your season though. Not unless you guys start you know what.
  • Orangeblood19Orangeblood19 Posts: 21
    Yes, matchmaking is bad. I play a lot of online games, and MCoC has the worst method of matchmaking by far. This season, every war we have fought except 2 has been against alliances 3-6 million over us (we are currently 7).
  • BigTimeBigTime Posts: 246
    If you're on a streak this is a good way for your alliance to prove your ability to move up in ranks and increase in map difficulty. Unless they put in a button that allows you to say, "stay where we are" this is necessary.
  • Deadbyrd9Deadbyrd9 Posts: 3,449 ★★★★
    At least you got matched. I don’t care if we go up against MMXIV. That’s better than getting 0 points due to matchmaking delays in finishing wars
  • DebuddDebudd Posts: 10
    Zero points due to something out of your control is ridiculous. In the high tiers this ruins a whole season and is almost impossible to make up for. As Deadbyrd69 says a loss is better than no match (0 points vs 1m)........but it only affects 1 alliance apparently. Well at least for compensation on missed rewards that help us all progress in the game.
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