Vulture and Sp Intercepts

I just did some duels against MODOK for practice, then Civil Warrior as a test for this bug that I noticed against Rhino and Juggernaut the other day. When the opponent is blocking attacks, sometimes Vultures combo (usualy the 2nd or 3rd light attack) will randomly miss the opponent allowing them to immediately strike me. Usually this wouldn’t be a problem but since Vulture’s sp2 causes them to take direct damage based on power gain, it’s a viable strategy till this bug happens. Another thing I noticed, not just with Vulture but with a plethora of random champs at increasingly random times, is that if a champ is using a dashing medium at you and you intercept them with a special attack, for some reason your attack bounces off of them and has no effect just like how their charging attack is bouncing off of you with no effect due to your special’s invincibility frames. Idk why this is and it is not limited to any character. I’ve had Juggernaut do it to Scarlet Witch’s special 2 while NOT unstoppable, i’ve had Guillotine do it to Cap’s special 2, I’ve had it happen to Punisher 2099 when I used my sp1 against Iron Patriot. And that one was the worst because I used it solely for battery so I started it far away and he charged during the portion where I’m shooting and all the bullets missed until he bounced off me then began blocking the rest. I don’t have any video proof because my phone already loses frames in this game enough now. I’m playing on an iPhone 6 with the most current iOS and most current version of the game. This issue makes me scared to attempt to 100% chapter 5 without $1000 to spend on revives, please look into it.
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