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Captain Marvel - 17.2 Promised Fix (but not fix)



This thread is now closed. We have told you when a fix is coming (17.2). We realize that this has taken a while, but there will be no Rank Down tickets. We will let you all know if there is more to add.

Seeing as patch notes for 17.2 have hit, and once again Captain Marvel is brushed under the couch, I think it's long overdue for some rank down tickets.

You guys closed the thread in February, stemming from a September issue. And promised it would be fixed in 17.2

Butttt its not.


  • ChovnerChovner Posts: 446 ★★★
    You expected your old bug to be fixed?!?!?!!?!? That's funny
  • DrZolaDrZola Posts: 5,318 ★★★★★
    Feeds the narrative that problems benefitting a player get top priority, while those disadvantaging a player get...something else.

    Could we get an update on this? Maybe 17.3?

    Dr. Zola
  • vd016vd016 Posts: 48
    Please delete the champ and reimburse 10k 5* shards,gold,catalysts. Thanks
  • Kabam LyraKabam Lyra Posts: 2,937 ★★★
    Hi all!

    Please use the official discussion thread for comments and questions instead of making a new thread. Thanks!
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