My Sentry

I already know that Sentry got a nice buff. But we all know how overpowered he really is in the comics so I want to add a few things to make him the Sentry from the comics, or close to it.
This is for a 3 star version rank 4/40 cause that is the only one I have
Sig ability: Release The Void lvl 99, Instead of the debuffs going away for, a World In Darkness debuff is applied on the opponent increasing Voids/Sentry's attack rating by 673.40 and decreasing the opponents crit chance, damage, block proficiency, and armor rating by that same amount. Does 1681 direct damage per second.
Reality warp has a max of 10 charges..
Each Reality Warp increases his base attack by 336.7.
Each state of mind has a passive bonus attack damage. Overpowering light has a passive 112.23 bonus damage and does direct damage. Steadfast Approach has a passive 224.46 bonus damage. Absolute strength has a passive 336.7 bonus damage.
When at 10 Reality Warp charges Void comes out. Every 7 seconds a random debuff is put on the opponent. (Petrify, Agility, Fatigue, and Weakness). Each debuff grants him 112.23 attack rating. Each debuff does 84 direct damage per second. When all 4 debuffs are on the opponent each with 3 stacks they go away and Void goes away Sentry comes back and you go back to 5 reality warp charges.
Overpowered right? Add/change anything that would make Sentry overpowered.


  • DrpancakesDrpancakes Posts: 102
    edited March 2018
    even if they are overpowerd in the comics, this is just a game so there has to be some kind of balance. It's like superman in a video game. Yeah, he is pretty much indestructible in the comics, but in the game he really isnt. Sentry's got pillow hands, but he doesn't need to be overpowered mate
  • WRIRWRIR Posts: 563 ★★★
    "we all know how overpowered he is in the comics" Yes. That's why some people don't like him. If I were such a person I'd say he started as a cheap superman knockoff then they added the molecular control which made him even less lovable since just because you're OP doesn't mean we love you, or as Deadpool said it, "that's just lazy writing" but I will stay neutral about characters. As for buffing him, c'mon. He's playable. He's fine. Look at darn Magneto. He's one of the OPest mutants ever. Here? He's bad and never got any buffs. Carnange. We all know how OP he is in the comics. Here? He's bad. Some champs are OP in the comics but just bad here. Sentry got a lot better. He's fine.
  • I was just trying to have fun.
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