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Helpful WebSites & Such

Tried asking this in Strategy and Tips but got no takers so maybe better luck here and place to ask.
I just wonder if people know of any web site or sites that one would feel is helpful in their progress as a player (immediately and as a ‘whole’), and in the playing of, M:CoC? If anyone reads this and knows of such sites, whether 1 or 10 or more, and no matter how popular you think it may be or unknown but to a few, would those in the know please share with those seeking answers and/or knowledge? If know of such a site(s), could you please post the site and include a brief description. If more than one just clearly seperate links and description.
Last time I posted this I came empty handed but here I will post one of my favorite go-to sites that I think(?) is well known & popular, especially those in the know/ the more experienced, so here goes:

‘Top Champions Poll, By Class & Overall (2017 Q4)
A top notch site, IMHO, of most every Champion (most up to date Hero site I’ve ever come across) and by Poll has the Champions divided by Class then further divided into four (4) sections: 1) best in Story/Quest; 2) A. War Offense; 3) A. War Defense; 4) Significant To Summoner; Finally, all Champions are rated against one another regardless Class or any other specialty rating, just all against all (*unfortuneatly, creator of (appears apart of this Forum for long time but now a Google Doc) expresses the Poll results first in a Line Graph then repeats in Pie Graph BUT for last two (2) weeks (plus-ish?) the Champions names do not appear on the Line Graphs (for me easiest to read/use) but can read names on Pie Graphs then count up or down then do same on Line Graph to get Champions Stats.
So there you go, I have long windedly opened the flood gates and I truly hope others flood it with sites that may help us all.


  • taojay1taojay1 Posts: 1,062 ★★★

    Not in English, but is super useful for all aspects of the game.
  • https://theclassadvantage.com/

    From the Prestige King himself, mutamatt. Has prestige charts, war score calculator, war opponent calculator as well as a section that focuses on highlighting champions that are typically underrated by the community under a segment called "Master Class." It's kinda new so I'm sure the amount of content on it will only grow over time
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