Iceman's armor bug?

What will happen to iceman if he hit by spiderman stark's L3 while his ice armor active ?
Will iceman survive with only 5% health loss ?
Fact : iceman die.
Sparky L3 bypass the ice armor.
What is going on with his ice armor ?
What do you guys think about this ?


  • AshburnAshburn Posts: 270
    You fail to say which quest you were in or which nodes were active.
  • Donal1981Donal1981 Posts: 22
    In AW sparky is on node no.22
  • Sac123_Sac123_ Posts: 258
    edited April 2018
    0sorvl30v1z9.png 30% reduced ability accuracy
  • SSofLimboSSofLimbo Posts: 138
    Also Iceman takes more than 5% damage through blocks sometimes while ice armour is active
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