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The Points System in Mastery is just meaningless. Bring back Percentages.

I take all Science line in Map 5. Which means I deal with 3 Electros. Now that Sentineloids are in play, I have to make the tough decision to drop Black Widow from my AQ team.

So, for the replacement, I thought maybe, just Maybe 4 points in the Energy Resistance Mastery may help alleviate some of that Static Shock damage from Electro. Makes sense right? Yeah, until you see it gives you 160 Energy Resistance. Which means what, exactly? Doesn't have a percentage comparison u can switch to like Armor Rating or Block Proficiency. Its just a meaningless number. So, how do I as a player have Any Idea how much this will help me?!?


  • Blax4everBlax4ever Posts: 683 ★★★
    I don’t think that mastery works, most of the masteries in the defensive tree are pretty useless. They would be great if they actually worked but unfortunately they don’t.

    Mystic Dispersion works great which is why so many people have points in it.

    But to your point, the only way to know if the mastery is working is to test it. Set up a control fight where the mastery is off and record the fight. Then turn the mastery on and have the same fight watch the fight to see if there is any change.

    There are some things that are unknown unknowns like Diminishing Returns and Challenger Rating
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