5* shards deal

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Hi Guys, I have been contemplating to buy the 5* shards deal since I have enough units to buy the first 2. What are your thoughts on the deal?

5* shards deal 27 votes

The deal is bad, never buy that.
Troyster316Primmer79ApacheBUZZdog3000mdsubMcord117Next2HellDiablosUltimatewvonkcx23433 10 votes
The deal is good, but I wouldn't buy it / Don't have enough units
buffajrUkgenieSac123_WabobaMitchell35 5 votes
It is a really good deal and I already bought the tier 1
GroundedWisdomCodornas 2 votes
The deal is amazing and I already bought all tiers (7k units) / 2 tiers (3k units)
The deal is good especially if it gets the total to 10k shards. Buy it now!!
Riggs_97 1 vote
Wait for better deal to come out / Wait to gather shards from quests
TeddersbuttersPandamanTanSgtAnime1xananabananaDizzyjlamadisonTinoMiaItsTheBroski 9 votes


  • MattyloMattylo Posts: 234
    I bought two tiers but i wouldnt call it amazing. Really a matter of if your buying the units or if you been saving them.

    Saving imo buy it

    Buying units skip it unless you have $100 to burn and close to another 5*
  • jlamadisonjlamadison Posts: 274
    Wait for better deal to come out / Wait to gather shards from quests
    Lately, the going rate for a 5* has been around $100. If any deal costs more than that and you don't get enough shards for one crystal, it's a bad deal.
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