9 million alliance looking for an active player with a prestige around 4500

roy505roy505 Posts: 90
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We are an active alliance currently doing map5 all days... ranking between 450-600 in AQ and tier 2 and tier 3 in AW... preference given to people with higher prestige or people who can get to higher prestige in the near future as we are planning to get to top 300 some time in the future. Our current prestige is around 4600. Anyone interested can message me in game

In game I.D - Roy505


  • roy505roy505 Posts: 90
    still looking for one before the next AQ begins... to add to the above.. no completion or any other event requirements... AQ is our first priority running map 5 all days... and AW is our 2nd priority.
  • still recruiting?
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