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Rank 5 Rogue or Archangel?

Duke12202Duke12202 Posts: 28
edited April 2018 in Strategy and Tips
Who should I rank up to 5? Rogue (at level 99) who is awakened or Archangel who is not awakened?
I also have an awaken gem but wondering if should use on Scarlet Witch.


  • IronFist34IronFist34 Posts: 386 ★★
  • Between Rogue and AA, the rank up would really depend on your needs and what stage you are in the game. Both are solid, but they have very different uses and functions in the game.

    And yes, generally speaking, SW is still worth an awakening gem. But blade also and perhaps a few others. Hard to say without seeing your full roster who is worth it the most. Can you give details where you are in the game and show your full roster?
  • ThawnimThawnim Posts: 1,461 ★★★★
    If you need a solid champ for the new changes to AQ then I would suggest Rogue. If not, then go with AA who will help you clear lots of story quest and event quest content.
  • Duke12202Duke12202 Posts: 28
    Here is my current awaken roster:
    Gwen 5/85
    Magik 5/99
    Star Lord 5/45
    Rogue 4/99
    Raccoon 4/28

    Unawakened 4*
    Scarlet witch
    Dr voodoo
  • Voodoo, AA, or SW...all 3 needs to be awakened but SW needs it the most. I would still go with her and she’s still very reliable even after 12.0. Then I would do AA then voodoo (since you already have a power control in magik). Awaken and work on getting SW up to sig 99.
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