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Hello to everyone, in the end i decided to write here to make hearing my voice. I'm trying to explain as shortly as i can what happened, hoping to have some opinions from other users.
Last wednesday night finally i could take some time and i started running for the legend tag in the monthly event quest. In order to do this i saved items,units for around 2 months and unlocked some masteries.i began around 21.15, suddenly at 21.55 the server totally crashed and me like other users in my alliance and in others couldn't log in... trust me i was going crazy, obviously i was going on to trying to log in to continue the running. It wasn't possibile to access to the Game for more than half an hour. In the meanwhile i was getting more and more furious.. once the game seems to work, i immediately decide to going on despite the waste pg time, and i have to tell you there were lots of crashes, bugs and slowdowns at the end of different fights. I lost the sync with the boost (the 30% ones). I'm telling you all this 'cos you can really figure the entire dynamic. I completed hard and master secitions in 4 hours and 17 minutes.. but if this nightmare wouldn't happen probably i would scored around 3 Hours 40 minute. (Even considering that during the left part of the run with my mindset war totally **** up)
As i finished i immediately wrote a ticket to the support to explain the situation, telling that it wasn't correct to have a time penalty of more than half an Hour in Such a kind of this event, even considering i was running not only for the tag but to place in the first 5 global position, and clarifying i wasted items i would't if the Game would work.
From wednesday i wrote like 8 mails to the support without having any answer back...
At the beginning i was thinking they were taking time to analyse the situation... but the truth is they are unable and they should work in a circus.
Let me know What you think. Thanks for reading


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    DLegendDLegend Posts: 745 ★★★
    Yeah, kabam is just so slow to analyse one, small problem.
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    Crimson8399Crimson8399 Posts: 754 ★★★
    They're so slow cause they're counting all their money.
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    Mirk_varMirk_var Posts: 85
    They obviously answered me with their usual useless mail that not make a point. They told me they can't give me back resources involved for the quest (units and items), about that i don't care... but about the request about to take up the time i couldn't play, they told me diffirently my point of view, none took advantage for the legend tag cos' the servers were **** up for everyone. Now as i made them notice, to run for the tag there are 2 weeks and obviously not everyone have played as me on 14, then of course others Who played before and after the mentioned day had an advantage. So i tried to let them figure out i WANT a precise answer about their future decisions before the chart comes out. But as i and we know, comunicate with the support get you just upset, without coming to the right conclusion
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    UzhmaUzhma Posts: 1
    I want compensation.
    When i was playing AW...and i had beaten the mini boss...then the game froze (continue non stop loading) , by the end had to restart the game.
    Then ive found out the mini boss regain full health and my champ health reduce to half , resulting in I ve to use so many portions. I was certain there is no problem in my connection. I am frustrated right now, I hope Kabam will reward suitable compensation for these , plz dont ignore.

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    Mirk_varMirk_var Posts: 85
    Uzhma, as they wrote me in different mail, they can't do anything about compensate units or items, even 'cos it was a general issue which involved different players.
    The support and kabam as well don't care about players but just their wallets,it's not a secret anymore
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