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So my top champions are these. I generally use rank5 ghost rider rank5 quake r5 Hyperion r4 starlord and r4 voodoo. I’m at 5.2.4 atm. What are your suggestions. Which team should I use for act 5 chapter 2 quest 4,5,6. In addition I have quite some revives and heal potions expiring in my stash. So I want to start them today or tomorrow. I have also a lot of battle chips that I can use to get units for revives and heals.


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    For the collector you might want to have a raw damage champ on hand
    I used a mix Captain marvel and a high Sig r5 scarlet witch
    Used sw cuz of her nullify and her fury
    In your case you have Hyperion
    Remember the collector shrugs off debuffs, and every time he loses 20% health he gets regen, and at low health he becomes unstoppable randomly.
    You'll need a good evade champ like daredevil classic or stark to auto evade his specials to survive more. Naturally hood would have been a good substitute but you have to invisible. The collector's specials are non contact so he has 90% chance for them to miss. Also after a period of time in a fight with collector, if you're still alive you'll notice your abilities aren't working that's cuz each second that passes your ability accuracy reduces so in every fight make sure you deal a high amount of damage. Minimum damage in a fight should be 10k. This is what I did. Also 5.2.6 has bane. Use it to your advantage.

    5.2.4 and 5.2.5 are buffet and masochism I think
    You shouldn't have much problem there
    For buffet you probably shouldn't use Hyperion too often. In his place you could take magik or starlord(increased damage) for buffet
    For masochism you can use starlord, rogue, scarlet witch, ghost rider(time your judgements), voodoo(his venom reduces regen efficiency, you can trigger buffs on himself rather than placing debuffs so he's ok), Hyperion. Any of these champions would be good
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    @KaanG95, you should have the necessary champs to go thru. To get yourself PREPARED and to minimize the resources spent, you should also take a look at those plentiful WALK-THROUGH guides as well as some videos, plus the shortest-path recommendation. This is not to cheat, but rather, get yourself prepare for the kind of champs you are going to face, as well as the effect of those node (local or global) that you are going to suffer. Good luck and cheers!
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