Map 5/5/4/4/3 needs active players who want a serious adult progression ally

Hi I'm FuBorf from Beyonders XT. We have 3 spots open. We usually run 5/5/4/4/3 and are in and out of expert tier every other week. We have a long term core group, many of us have been playing together for more then a year. Officers have been around forever and always work for our members.

We use Discord, and have a amazing server. It has tons of commands for pulling game info, tracking your roster, donations and pulling sweet gifs when you get that 5* HB for the third time.

We hit 6-20% SA weekly, run AWs when they are open and just generally focus on helping each other progress.

Our minimum requirement is 11 r4s or equivalent r2 5s. We have donations according to maps but other then that we ask for players who can handle map5s.

PM me at FuBorf#4465 on Discord. I'm usually quick to respond there.



  • FuBorfFuBorf Posts: 130
    Forgot to add we bounce between 6-7 mil rating.
  • FuBorfFuBorf Posts: 130
    I'm online now if you want to chat or ask me anything about the ally
  • FuBorfFuBorf Posts: 130
    If you're looking to rank up your prestige to eventually be a 5x5 player we'd love to have you. A lot of us want to build the alliance in that direction but need more t4ccs
  • FuBorfFuBorf Posts: 130
    Best way to contact me in through my Discord id
  • TrizzshadyTrizzshady Posts: 5
    I am interested how can I get ahold of you
  • FuBorfFuBorf Posts: 130
    @Trizzshady lol, got me. I got a ban for just saying "bump" so I try to be more descriptive now 😂
  • FuBorfFuBorf Posts: 130
    Got a few spots left, free maps next cycle so come join us for some map5s
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