Vnglt plat3 war focused alli recruiting

Looking for a few solid fighters.

Vnglt is a newly formed laid back alli.

War is the focus here, the only requirement being you clear your line with no deaths. If you can solo minis or bosses even better.

Aq we will run a week of map5 then a week of map3. This keeps donations low and gets everyone t1a which we all need desperately need for rank ups.

No event minimums
Donations are 67500g / 15000bc / 6250L

Add line gnews85 for additional info or questions


  • Mike18211Mike18211 Posts: 54
    What time zone are you looking for?
  • gnews85gnews85 Posts: 96
    Prefer US although not too picky about timezones. We have timezones from all over, but uk is probably the worst fit.
  • Mike18211Mike18211 Posts: 54
    Thanks for your reply! Agree US & UK time zones don’t blend the best. Hope you find someone 👍
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