8.7 Mil Alliance Seeking Active New Members!

Cannon Fuse [FUSE7] is looking for experienced players who want to continue growing at higher levels of the game!

In Alliance Quest we’re running 55544 in Expert tier, and placed Gold 3 in the last season of Alliance War, with hopes to hit Gold 1/Plat 3 in season two! We assign consistent battlegroups across both events so that group chemistry remains and carries over.

Donations required are 93,336 Gold, 11,668 BC, 7502 Loyalty. At minimum we ask that you have a 200k+ player rating, or that you’ve become Uncollected. SA weekly, and a fun yet competitive atmosphere.

DM me on Line (ryryiv) or on here if you have any questions! In your message, please include a screenshot of your Summoner Profile. Hope to see some of you in our ranks soon!
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