We've got 7 good players, need 3 more!!!

Need 3 more players to join CWA.....Champions with Attitude. ...help us with AQ and AW.....we use line, we communicate alot we're still doing AQ-AW short-handed. ....would love to welcome 3 more.


  • Youse not considering a merge? We have 12 solid members in our alliance that are looking for a merge Let me know mate or add me on line/in game Buckland420
  • StikyStiky Posts: 38
    We are a friendly chill alliance we do map44422 with a really low donations and 2-3 rounds of AW weekly 2bgs we are like family but we are facing some inactivity issues and we can add u guys with us we can manage to add u and your friends with us if your interested hit me back in line my I'd is stiky901 our rating is 5.m and something
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