Allaince merge for new war seasons!

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Hey everyone. Posted for an alliance merge not long back and one came through. However it didn't end up being successful so I am on the look once again ! We have 12 members with an allaince rating of 3.5m so we are all pretty skilled and experienced. Before you read any further I would like you to know that any consideration must come to us as we have ran this ally a long time and have over 10m gold in treasury even though we are war based and only run map2 and 3 in aq. So donations are not required. P.s once the alliance is full we can reconsider what we do witb aq and im open to options. If anyone is interested please message me on here or add me on line or in game. Buckland420


  • Buckland420Buckland420 Posts: 6
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    Also after people who are searching for an alliance doesn't need to be part of a merge. Just message me
  • Logan719Logan719 Posts: 41
    I will pm you
  • Add me on line chat AshleyyTweets
  • Tony4lifeTony4life Posts: 6
    We have 16 people and we do 3 or 4 AQ add me on line if your interested in more details tony4life 2
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