Beer & flipfops - Gold 1 Alliance seeks you!

(H-W) Help Wanted - Gold 1 ,11million alliance is seeking new members for AW season 2 . We keep our rules simple and focus on teamwork to win.

We aren't hard core but we aren't casual either - we have families and busy jobs but we play to win . We boot immediately for drama or diva behavior. No one member is greater than the group.

Must have an AW ready defense and offense set of heroes - during aw season we AW 3x. We use items during season if necessary to complete the war . During the aw season we will only do map 4 aq

Line or clanhq optional but if you do not use either we expect you to be responsible for communicating regularly with officers on lane assignments and if you are away for some emergency.

Other requirements :
Weekly Donations

Contact me if interested :
Ingame - Corvos
Line- Corvos_hw
Clanhq - Corvos#FVDM


  • CorvosCorvos Posts: 58
    We are still looking to add that one - come on down !
  • CorvosCorvos Posts: 58
    A Gold 1 alliance with few rules and focused team play - msg me today !
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