xTFM are recruiting! AQ 5x5 AW gold 2 looking for 5k+ prestige players!

We are a 12mil + alliance, looking for 4-5 players who can handle their own in AQ 5x5 and AW gold 2!

We're a friendly alliance who will help you improve as an individual and as a part of a team! We have a few members retiring and now you can join!

We finished last AW season in gold 2 because we started the season off, but we are expecting to be in gold 1 the upcoming season!

Each bg is managed by an officer and we're a worldwide alliance acting as one big family.

Needs to have 5k+ prestige. Standard donations for map 5 and only mandatory event is Completion. No slackers.

Add me on Line for more info: SuperShiran
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