Chill and Realaxed but successful 8.5mil ally Looking

Looking for active members.

We are an 8.5mil ally with a range of members
We needs peeps that are somewhat strong but we can be flexible.
When peeps are active they will grow.

We are very chill and laid back international ally.
Whilst grinding and getting rewards is good we all have lives and cant always play 24/7

Event Minimums - we currently have no event minimums however we do like to see people do their best to score points as we all like rewards

Alliance Quest - we have no dedicated bgs and we can accept that on occasion maybe you cant play much AQ but we do expect all members to participate and help as much as possible. The more everyone helps the easier it is for everyone
Currently we run weekly
2x Map 4
Otherwise we run Map 3 or Map 2 when we have war attack as it reduces stress and makes it easier for peeps with shallow rosters. Also map2 crystals give revives.
We may on occasion run map 1 map5 but not regularly.

Donations are 30000k gold and 2000 loyalty weekly

Alliance War - We have dedicated bgs and we expect everyone to be available for war. No excuse to miss defenders.
we finished last season gold3 and we would love to get gold2 this coming season.
We have recently gone through a few changes and had some bad matchups and have dropped to tier 10. However we were as high as tier5 at one point last season.
We currently run 2 wars weekly.
Once season 2 starts we will run 3 wars every week.

In short all we ask is you play as you can when you can. Helping in AQ and AW is mandatory but that is our only ask. The rest of the game you play as you need to to have fun and balance with your lifestyle.
If you are gunna miss a few days let us know in advance.

If we sound like what you are after hit me up in game or on “Line”

Alliance Tag: [TCR16]
Alliance Name: Technicolour Revolution

Leaders in game Name : Maat1985
Leaders Line ID : Maat1985
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