**Mastery Loadouts**
Due to issues related to the release of Mastery Loadouts, the "free swap" period will be extended.
The new end date will be May 1st.

Looking For New Pirates To Join Our Ship!!!

We are looking to recruit 7 New Pirates who are active & donate. As well as good with communication. We do Map 4x5 & war at the same time. We enjoy the game and life. Looking for like minded ppl. We are in silver 1 war, looking to improve to Gold 1. We currently have 2 strong bg's looking to create a 3rd. SA is weekly.

Pirate Requirements;
- Line.
- Top champs must be 4* 5/50 or 5* 3/35
- 200k+ in PI (Will make exceptions if champs fit above requirement)
- Donate weekly (50k gold, 12k loyalty, BC from AQ)
- Clear own paths in AQ & war (Boss killer is a plus)
- Communicates well
- Team Player

My contact info;
Line - nvrcmecomin1
IGN- nvrcmecomin1

We do not require much. Just want every alliance member to make the most of their opportunity & have fun. Any further questions please feel free to ask.


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