A solution to the gold problem?

Like many others I'm finding it ridiculous that the bottleneck resource these days is gold. We use it for very few things in the game - rank ups, AQ donations and arena. Where a few months back I was sitting on literally millions of gold, now I'm finding myself with just a couple of thousand or even hundred at times.

So what's the solution? I have no problems doing arena, wouldn't call myself a top grinder but I typically store at least 1000 5* shards in the 5* arena and can get any 4* basic I target. The problem is outside of the gold you get from arena crystals your gain from arena fights is completely eaten up by the cost to find a match. Simply remove the gold cost for finding arena matches and suddenly we have a legit avenue to acquiring gold - we'd still obviously have to work for it but at least it would be a proper path for us to earn gold and not be a complete handout.



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  • Julius_SeizureJulius_Seizure Posts: 99
    A Gold Realm one Sunday a week would not, in any sense, flood the game.

    “You can get 500k gold in one sitting!”

    That’s not even enough to level up a rank 3 5*, let alone a 6*.

    “We need a bottleneck to stop people from ranking everyone!!!”

    Catalysts? ISO? T1A’s disappear like nobody’s business. If we didn’t have the gold crisis, T1A threads would crowd the front page (but that’s for another time). Adding more bottlenecks doesn’t make the game more balanced, and it doesn’t make the game more enjoyable.

    Let’s assume that giving players enough gold to bring two four stars to rank 4 flooded the game somehow, for argument’s sake. Why would that be a problem? Seriously, think about it.

    1) Being able to PAY for map 6 doesn’t mean you can complete it. Each alliance would still play at their skill level, so AQ is roughly untouched.

    2) Gold provides no competitive advantage in AW, so AW is untouched.

    3) Event and Story quests would be untouched, obviously.

    4) Rank ups would still be limited in terms of ISO and Catalysts, so it’s not like my whole roster goes to rank 4 5*. Game stays alive.

    I can’t think of a single logical reason as to why ONE Gold Realm a week is somehow detrimental to the majority of players.
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