Looking for a Chill Alliance

I used to be in a map 4/5 alliance, could easily compete in AW and AQ simultaneously. Recently I haven't had time to do map 5 AQ. Looking for similar, stronger players running AW and/or maps 3/4 for AQ. Add me on LINE: KingJon2998


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    MasterofCeberus you sound like just the person I need in my alliance, our tag is KSMLM feel free to freind me on discord as Renegade2099#8916 or ingame as Renegade2099, thank you!
  • Mastr0fCerberusMastr0fCerberus Posts: 27
    Added you in game
  • The Hell Fire Club
    Is searching for new summoners that can hold there own.
    Map 44422
    Map 44222

    Aw is gold 3 season
    Currently at tier 8 but trying to climb up
    2 Battle groups Free for all


    •Must have at least 20 r4/40’s 4*
    Least 5 r5 4* and or r3 5*
    Preferred if you have better but yea.
    So you can handle AQ & AW together.

    •Donations kick back gold from AQ earnings and some loyalty of your choosing least over 2k cover map 4 cost.

    We have a long time member/officer core just searching for people that actually
    •Clear Lines on AQ &AW
    •If KO’d willing to revive and help the team.
    •Team Players
    •Also just have fun crushing foes to the best of our abilities.

    Any Questions feel free to ask.
    Add on Line or in game

    Leader: Magic or []v[]agic
    Line ID: Magicstorm

    Recruiting officer: Døctør187
    LineID: Linemesoohard

    Alliance tag is (TH-FC)
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