Game update suggestion

CuteshelfCuteshelf Posts: 747 ★★★
With this rubbish about the 1000 rift shards being missed by anyone who couldn’t update within a couple of hour window, I would like to offer a suggestion that will remedy this for the future.

Why don’t you put the update up a few days prior to when the new content is due to be released? The code can just sit there waiting to activate at the right time.

We have seen this done before, so we know it’s possible.

This way, instead of having a 3~ hour window to update the game without missing out on rewards we can have 24-48-72 hours for a seemless transition.

The game download is so huge, most people won’t be updating outside of home WiFi, so this idea caters for anyone who lives in a time zone where they are sleeping at this time, people who are at work when the update becomes available and anyone else who can’t drop their lives at any given moment to download a 1gb update for a month long event.

This game has been around for years, I can’t believe there are still issues like this, and for Kabam not to remedy these things by awarding anyone who Couldn’t update right away, shows poor form on Kabams behalf.
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