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Champion update and synergy (they did it again)

Champion update

Iron Man: One of Marvel's most important characters, (Iron Man's armor is much more than just armor increase, armor breakage, and arc overhead).
His armor has the ability to read opponent's fighting standards, find weaknesses, plus Tony Stark being a great strategist in battle.

Superior Iron Man: Armor based on the symbiont technology and it is one of the most powerful armor of the Tony Stark, being able to control through the psionic connection, allowing complete control.

But in the game Iron Man and Superior Iron Man: are champions with very little damage, both in the base attack and the specials are still weak, the only thing that provides is the overload of the bow (weak champion for attack and defense in alliance war).
The tendency of the game is to add new champions and forget the old ones (probably add a new Iron Man and leave the old one a champion garbage, which is unfortunate).

She Hulk: Both the Hulk and the Red Hulk received an upgrade that they left very strong, She Hulk it should have a greater damage by its great strength, increasing the power as the fight progresses, (all Hulks have one of the greatest regeneration of Marvel and in the game only the Red Hulk has regeneration in E2).


You have taken the Synergy that was between Dr Strange and Scarlet Witch because it was overpower, now put this Synergy between Blade, Ghost Rider and Spiderman Stark (everyone is only using this team now, the game is only now focused on those 3 champions, you think right?) that made the Blade a super overpower champion against all villains (overextended synergy) and dimensional beings.


  • HenriqueSCCPHenriqueSCCP Posts: 136
    It is better to balance the other synergies or to take this one out of Blade that is very overpower.
    The old champions all weak synergy and the new champions that are being added are coming with a synergy until that good, but this one from Blade (you made it again the game to be focused on 3 champions and Iron Man and Superior Iron Man deserves an update.
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