Regarding Account Sharing and Piloting


Since Alliance War Season 1 started, many of you Summoners have expressed to us your concerns over the common practice of Account Sharing (also known as “Piloting”). We want you to know we have heard you. This practice is against our Terms of Service, and unbalances the game for all players that play the game legitimately, and honestly.

As our next step in our continuing efforts to keep The Contest fair, we will be taking more severe actions towards individuals and Alliances that egregiously “pilot” or Account Share in Alliance Wars. This includes sharing your account information with other players as well as logging in to another player's account to complete fights on their behalf. Similar to the use of 3rd Party Software, any Alliance that is caught using the Piloting method will lose War Rating, points from their Alliance Wars Season Score, and could face an in-game ban.

We appreciate the feedback we have received from many of you on this topic, and your patience as we worked to address this. As we continue to work to address behaviours such as Piloting, we hope you continue to provide us with your feedback, and help us ensure that we all keep The Contest an honest place.
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