Updates to Alliance Wars Season 2


The next season of Alliance Wars is almost upon us! Season 1 had Summoners rallying and battling their hardest to claim their rank amongst the best Alliances in the Battlerealm!

We’ve learned a lot from our analysis of Season 1, and are taking those learnings forward to continue to improve Alliance Wars, and Alliance Wars Seasons.

First, as we noted in our 18.0 Release Notes, we’ll be adjusting some nodes on the Expert Difficulty Level Map. While the adjustments we have made to Alliance Wars maps over the past several months have brought us a lot closer to a difficulty level we are happy with in Alliance Wars, there’s still some fine tuning that needs to be done.

With these changes, we want to bump up the potential power of some weaker defensive nodes by leveraging newer or more challenging Buffs to create better placement value for defenders, and also add some more life to fights that were underpowered and/or didn’t have much going on in them beyond stat increases. We also want to put a greater emphasis on both defending and attacking with Champions that play off different buffs, so that diversifying your defensive roster has more impact than just a perfunctory point gain and feels like a valuable tactical decision.

We have more Map changes planned for Season 3. We’ll keep you posted as we work towards locking those down.


Secondly, we’ll be making an adjustment to the Tier Multipliers in Tiers 1,2, and 3. What we found last Season was that the Multipliers that we had in place made it very difficult for other Tiers to be able to catch up.

Specifically, the gap between Alliances in Tier 3 and 4 was too large. Even when an Alliance in Tier 4 had a much better Win Rate than some Alliances in Tier 3, the Tier 4 Alliance was not able to climb the Season’s Leaderboard. There also was not as much movement between Tiers 1,2, and 3, as we would like there to be.

Alliance Wars Season 2 kicks off May 2nd! Get ready Summoners!


  • Alliance War Season 2 starts today and will be running until June 26th. You can find the timer showing the exact amount of time left in Season 2 at the top of the Alliance Wars page within the game.
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