Alliance Treasury Not Correctly Displaying Total Donations

drumm3rjo3drumm3rjo3 Posts: 2
edited April 2018 in Bugs and Known Issues
As I was making daily donations of battlechips this week, I noticed that my total donations was not displaying properly on the alliance treasury tab. I noticed this because I thought I was close to approaching my target donation amount for the week, and then spotted the bug.

My donations as of yesterday (April 26) - note the 12,001 battlechips.

I donated 6,000 additional battlechips today, but now look at my latest total - only 6,000 battlechips.

I decided to test this out on my gold donations as well. Note how my gold has been at 134,000 for the week. But when I added a donation of 1 gold today, this is what happens:

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