Dungeon crystals expiring too quickly?

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I apologize if I missed something & there’s another way to get dark artifact shards but the max shards per day at the highest milestones available seem to be 1950. The crystals have 7 day timers on them but it’ll take 2 weeks to get the 27K shards needed for the 5*


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    It will be back around.
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    DaMunk wrote: »
    It will be back around.

    I get that part. Should’ve worded it as crystals rotating out too quickly I guess. Little irritated I let myself get hopeful for GR only to realize it’s switching up before it’s possible to get enough shards. Kinda silly to even show who’s available if it’s just to tease us. Lol
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    it will be back around during this event. You can buy them at the end of the event. Read the pinned post about the dungeons.
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    each rotation last for a week... odd weeks have one set even weeks have another set
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    Oh ok. I missed that post somehow. Appreciate it
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