Green Goblin 5* worth R4?

So, I've just duped my Green Goblin and he is a champ that I don't know much about (other than he is an annoying defender). I am sitting on 8 Tech T4CC... I have been saving them for the right 5* Tech champ to use them on.

Is Green Goblin worth R4?

Green Goblin 5* worth R4? 12 votes

Yes, definitely.
DarkestDestroyerSpity68Savio444XFA_Rebooted 4 votes
No, really not.
Fluffydragon2 1 vote
If you have expiring resources, sure. If not, wait for a better Tech champ.
SomeoneElsebuffajrNemesis666Hammerbro_64KaanG95My_SuperiorJacobmc006 7 votes
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