6 mil alliance possibly looking for a full BG

MegaSkater67MegaSkater67 Posts: 1,022 ★★★
Ideally we're looking for a full BG of players who will be active and reliable in AQ/AW. Recently lost a few players who have wanted to step down or move on and try something new. We do have a strong core group of players and a good group for leadership. Generally we're active and want to do better but understand that people have lives and aren't demanding that you spend nearly all of your time in game. As long as you can keep up in wars and AQ I'm sure it would be a great match for both parties. Here's a small list of what we're about:
Maps 5,3,5,3,4 in AQ
Donations: 68k Gold, 12k BC, 6k Loyalty
Silver 2 last war season with 2 groups (we want to have 3 organised groups to help us improve)
Weekly SA (with enough members)
Good duels and usually all or only one missing milestone on item use.

Ideally we'd like each new member to have a few 5/50 or equivalent champs but 4/40s will be accepted as part of a group or if you are able to clear your paths. We do use Line to communicate and you can add me on there or in game by searching the ID: MegaSkater67 The alliance tag is BWW67.

It may take a little while to get things going again depending on how many join. If you're ok with that we'd love to see some new members who want to help each other improve.
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